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Cynthia Hanson is a veteran journalist with more than 400 bylines to her credit. Her articles, columns, profiles, in-depth reporting and dramatic narratives have appeared in Ladies’ Home Journal, Family Circle, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, American Baby, Parents, the Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia magazine and The Wall Street Journal, among other leading national publications. Here are some samples of her work.

In-Depth Reporting

“Sex, Lies and Volleyball,” Chicago magazine
Rick Butler built the nation’s best girls’ volleyball program, landing scholarships for more than 100 athletes and a spot for himself on the short list of possible Olympic coaches. But allegations that he sexually abused three star players may have spiked his career.

“The Big Cheat,” Chicago magazine
Steinmetz High School’s surprise victory in an academic decathlon seemed to be a Horatio Alger tale that all Chicago could celebrate. But it turned into a troubling story of ambition, resentment and deceit—all under the wing of a popular, manipulative teacher.

“The Case of the Fatal Facelift,” Chicago magazine
Naguib Mankarious, an international businessman, married cosmetics mogul Marilyn Miglin after a whirlwind courtship, and friends said he’d never been happier or looked better. Six months later, he checked into a hospital for a face-lift—and died in the recovery room. The case led to a lawsuit and lingering questions—in particular, why would a 72-year-old with a new bride undergo nine hours of cosmetic surgery?

“Pressure High,” Chicago magazine
For nearly a century, New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois has been recognized nationally for its academic and athletic excellence. But is it sending its ambitious, super-smart students over the competitive edge?


“The Kindness of Strangers,” Family Circle
At 35, Ellen Lindeman unexpectedly became a widow with two children to support. After friends and neighbors helped her pay the bills and get through her grief, Lindeman started a foundation to assist other young widows and widowers in need.

“My Breasts Wouldn’t Stop Growing,” Redbook
Shatsi Rabie was an active mother-to-be until her body was transformed by a disfiguring disorder called gigantosmastia. In this profile, Rabie shares for the first time how she reclaimed her body—and her life.

“Face to Face: Comic Consultant,” Southwest Airlines Spirit
Claire Berger is a veteran stand-up comedian on a mission: To stamp out boredom in the boardroom and doldrums at the desk. In this Q&A, she talks about her career in showbiz and how FunnyWorks, Inc., her humor-consulting firm, is lightening up workplaces nationwide.

“Now On Display at Finer Museums: Tupperware,” US Airways Attaché
Tupperware’s sales were flat when it offered Morison S. Cousins—the world-renowned industrial designer whose megahits included the Dixie Cup Dispenser—the ultimate challenge: Direct the design revolution of an American icon gone stale. Cousins introduced pure geometric shapes, bright white surfaces and elegant lines to everything from canisters to bowls, which caught the attention of museum curators (who are clamoring to add modern Tupperware to their collections) and American consumers (who are buying them for their pantries). Cousins reflects on how his design philosophy has made Tupperware hip in this profile, published three years before his death.

Marriage and Relationships

“We’ve Been Married Seven Years and Never Had Sex,” Ladies' Home Journal
Natalie and Brad harbored a shocking secret: Natalie couldn't have sex, the result of an undiagnosed psychosomatic disorder called vaginismus. In this "Can This Marriage Be Saved" column, the couple discusses how their celibate relationship pushed them to the brink of divorce, and a sex therapist explains how Natalie overcame her problem with the proper diagnosis and treatment.

“He Loves Sports More Than Me,” Ladies' Home Journal
Gloria was furious that her husband was a Super Fan; Carlos didn't understand why his wife was so upset. The newlyweds averted a marital meltdown with counseling, as this "Can This Marriage Be Saved" column reports.

“We Are Family? Coping With His Not-Quite-Perfect Siblings,” Bride's
Siblings are the in-laws nobody talks about. The truth is, winning over a fiancé’s brothers and sisters can be just as daunting as getting on good terms with his parents. Follow six strategies to get the new relationships off to a smooth start.

“Yours, Mine, Ours,” Family Circle
It takes more than teamwork to make a marriage thrive; it also takes boundaries, so that spouses can preserve their individuality. Marriage experts pinpoint the five top conflicts that create boundary issues for couples and offer win-win solutions.

“What Do You Mean Your Mom Is Coming To Live With Us,” Family Circle
Life’s big changes (and decisions) often catch couples off-guard—and put their marriage in jeopardy. Experts recommend five tough conversations that every couple should have sooner rather than later to set a game plan.


“Good Advice: I Hate Asking for Help,” Good Housekeeping
“Help” is a four-letter word for most women, so they handle daily burdens and serious crises on their own. Experts analyze the top five excuses women make to justify their reluctance to ask for aid and discuss why it’s smart to reach for a helping hand.

“The World’s Most Unusual Adoption,” Ladies’ Home Journal
When Donna and Timothy Zane conceived triplets through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), they knew that their family was complete. But they faced a wrenching dilemma about the fate of their leftover frozen embryos: Should they donate the embryos to research? Discard them? Pay to leave them in storage indefinitely? Or give them to another infertile couple? Meet the Zanes and the Bordens, two families who share a unique bond thanks to the Zanes’ unusual decision.

“Turning to Stone,” Ladies’ Home Journal
Nancy and Andy Sando were the only married couple in the world with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), a rare and mysterious bone disease that left them prisoners in their own bodies. In this dramatic narrative, they discuss their daily challenges living with FOP—and their belief that both the cause of FOP and its cure will soon be found.

“Water World,” Southwest Airlines Spirit
Every day, adults of all ages suit up for coached workouts in swimming pools across America. Veteran swimmers and novices alike speak about the joy of competing on a United States Masters Swimming team in this lifestyle-trend story.

Personal Finance

“Get a Bigger Tax Refund,” Family Circle
Americans can’t escape taxes, but they can lower their annual bill. Tax experts share smart money-saving strategies and reveal five common mistakes to avoid when filing federal returns.

“Where There’s a Will,” Ladies' Home Journal
Parents’ wishes for their adult-children’s inheritance could go unfulfilled if they make a mistake when drafting their wills. Here, four worst-case scenarios and the legal steps that adult-children should encourage their parents to take to avoid them.

“The Best Rewards Cards,” Ladies' Home Journal
Get more pleasure from your plastic by choosing a credit card that rewards you with airline miles, retailer gift cards or cash back. A primer on rewards cards—and how to use them wisely.


“Toddlers Behaving Badly,” American Baby
What to do when your toddler bites a playmate, smacks the dog or throws a fit? Set limits! Here, seven strategies to cure bad behavior in no time flat.

“Special Report: Tough Competition,” Family Circle
Competition is fierce for kids today, whether it’s at school, on the sports field or in the social arena. This special report examines what’s behind the trend and explains how parents can teach fairness, the importance of “personal bests” and the right kind of winning attitude.

“The 7 Most Common Childhood Injuries (and how to prevent them),” Reader's Digest Your Family
Pediatricians speak out on everything from at-home drownings to poisoning—and explain how to keep infants and toddlers safe.


“Workplace,” Cosmopolitan
In the mid-1990s, Cynthia Hanson created and launched Cosmopolitan’s first job-strategy column (“Workplace,” which later became “Cosmo Careers”). This monthly feature offered info to help the magazine’s target audience—women age 18 to 34—manage their careers more effectively and navigate office minefields.

“How to Hit the $10 Million Mark,” Executive Female
Growing a company to $10 million in annual sales is a huge challenge, but it’s not impossible with enough capital and creativity. Successful women entrepreneurs reveal the strategies they used to reach the big time.

“Unrisky Business: How to Take a Big Leap With Your Work Life,”
Stuck in the status quo at work? Many people play it safe with their careers, only to stew in regret that they didn’t speak up at the meeting, apply for a promotion or get an advanced degree. Taking the right risk at the right time can help you break out of the pack—and fulfill your dreams. Career experts share techniques to help you evaluate risks and muster the courage to go for it.

“9 Work Myths Trashed,” Marie Claire
Will your career falter if you don’t have a mentor? Is a pink slip in your future if you max out your expense account? Find out from career gurus and super-successful women why it’s time to ignore a slew of outdated job rules that could be holding you back.

“So You Want Your Own Business,” Ladies' Home Journal
Buying a franchise is one way to fulfill the dream of running a business. But it’s not necessarily a road to riches—and would-be owners should beware of the risks before signing on.

“Speaking Up for Yourself,” Southwest Airlines Spirit
Nearly half of all Americans are terrified of making a presentation. Now, a growing industry teaches corporate titans, middle managers and business owners the mechanics of slam-dunk speeches—and cures them of their fears.

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